Monday, August 9, 2010

proposal story part 2, or the one where i get my bling

OK, this made me tear up.

And it reminded me that I've only told the 3rd installment of our 3-part engagement story!

So let me take you back...back to May 15th, 2010. It was a beautiful, warm Saturday in the mid-atlantic. The Foliage and I had planned to go up to New York City on Saturday, and then to Connecticut to meet with our fabulous photographer on Sunday.

As we were packing, he said, "hey, we should go to dinner at Flatbush Farm tonight." To which I responded, "Why? We've already been."
"Well, when we went before, I had food poisoning. I want to go when I can actually enjoy it. You said your food was amazing."
"Those mussels were pretty incredible..."

I was thinking, "He is so going to give me my ring tonight." But I didn't want to ruin it, so I didn't say anything. Even though it was so ludicrous that he'd want to go to dinner in Brooklyn when we were already going to be in Manhattan. I mean, REALLY. And how convenient that the woman who designed my ring is married to the restaurant's owner.

But I'd been harassing him about the ring since we'd gotten engaged 2 weeks prior. When will it be done? Is it done now? How about now? No? COME ON! He'd continually told me to stop asking about it, because it wasn't ready and wouldn't be for a while longer.

We drove up to our friend's apartment (thanks, Sonu!), caught up for a little while, then went our separate way for dinner (our friend and her mom had reservations somewhere nice already and we were last-minute crashers). So The Foliage and I started our trek to Brooklyn.

Only we had to transfer trains 3 times or so to get there, and we got on a train going the wrong direction at one point. And The Foliage was mad about it. Muttering curses, pacing, checking and re-checking the map MAD. While those might be natural reactions for me, he...doesn't. He is very rarely visibly upset. And it was just dinner. So I was having a hard time not smiling at his rage. Which resulted in a lot of super attractive face-twisting on my part.

See? Confusing. Source.

We got to the restaurant at about 7:45*, and there was a line halfway down the block. I was pretty disheartened (because at that point FORGET the ring, I was STARVING), but The Foliage just walked right past it, and tracked down a waitress. I forget what he had said on the way that had distracted me from my ring thoughts, but when we were seated immediately, at a table for 2 at the front of the restaurant, all I thought was, "Hm, I guess the people outside are in larger parties that they can't fit yet."

At dinner, I thought the waitress didn't like us** (probably because my partner in crime had rudely interrupted her to get a table). And when I reminded him that we would have to pay 50% of our photography package fee the next day, he looked worried. Which was, you know, suspicious.

But I never expected it DURING dinner! We've always made fun of people who got engaged during dinner!

At the end of the meal, I was pretty full, but he insisted we order some dessert and asked for a pot of tea while we decided. I was kind of surprised that he just chose the type of tea without asking me, but we drink tea all the time, so ordering a pot wasn't out of place.

Like so. Source.

The waitress brought over 2 cups and saucers and a metal teapot, which The Foliage grabbed. I wasn't even looking at it, because I was too busy sliding my cup and saucer around the table saying, "You're gonna spill! You're gonna spill!" Because I am 7 years old. Obviously.

I looked up at him and realized he was saying there wasn't any water in it. I said, "Maybe she's going to bring the water separately." I have totally been to places that served tea that way. Shut up. He opened the lid to the pot. I saw a white ribbon tied in a bow and said, "Oh, that's so cute! They tied up the tea leaves in a pretty little pouch!"Which made him roll his eyes at me***. He started taking the box out of the teapot, and when I saw the blue edges, I finally realized what was going on, and yelled, "I F*CKING KNEW IT!" and "Seriously?!" Because I am ladylike and have a wide vocabulary.

I recognized the top of this box. Source.

Then he came around to the side of the table, got down on one knee, and gave me my ring. Well, first I said, "Is that my ring?" And he said, "Aren't you going to say 'yes'?" and also "You have to kiss me first." And THEN he gave me my ring. While the entire waitstaff stared from the bar. And everyone in the restaurant applauded. And then he was all, "I want to find whoever said 'Seriously?' and kick their ass." And I was all, "Um. That was me."

*He apparently had said we'd be there at 7. So they'd kept it open during dinner rush. Hence the subway tantrum.
**Turns out she was just nervous. Jennifer had threatened her harshly, should any harm befall the ring. "Harm" including smudges from being handled.
***Can you believe my fiance rolled his eyes at me during his proposal?! What is that??

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