Tuesday, August 3, 2010

thank you michael eisner

Last night I found a bed bug on one of Leaf's shirts which had been draped over the back of a large armchair in the living room. I've been telling him I wanted to capture one to take a video of the effects of Diatomaceous Earth, but he keeps brashly killing them. The nerve!

The one at the top of the picture is the one I caught last night.

The one at the bottom I found on my sheets this morning. I'd slept on the air mattress - allegedly the safe mattress. So that was a fun wake up.

I can't believe I can actually tell them apart just by looking at them. This is my new life. Having pseudo-relationships with parasites. Anyway.

When my partner in crime gets home we'll proceed with the experiments.

I've noticed, though, that no bed bugs have tried to come to the captives' aid. I mean, obviously they wouldn't. They're just bugs, not Rhodes Scholars. But if there's anything I've learned from Disney, it's that the side without loyalty totally loses.

So I'm just going to hold onto that delusion. For as long as I have to.

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