Wednesday, August 4, 2010

thanks neutrogena, i'm already covered

So I've been told by 2 professional knower-of-health-type-things in the past month that I'm not getting enough Vitamin D. And that I should - in addition to taking a daily vitamin supplement - spend time in the sun. Without sunblock.

Insert life-pause here.

For anyone who knows me (which should cover everyone who reads my blog*), this is what I do. I am like a career-non-tanner. If I could be paid to be pale, I'd be filthy rich. I am the girl who has SPF 7bajillion in her purse, her car, her desk...and travel-sized back-ups otherwise scattered throughout her life. For one of my close friend's baby showers, I gave her a newborn beach kit (her daughter was born in July) complete with a huge bottle of baby sunblock. Avoiding the sun is what I do. It is approximately 72% of my personality.

The reason for that is not because I think pallor is sexy (although sometimes it is...not in Robert Pattinson's case, no matter what people say, but other times), it's because my extended family has spent a small fortune in skin cancer treatment to date. 2 of my mother's 3 siblings have had multiple, serious bouts of it, and my mom has had some questionable spots. My aunt had to have her nose reconstructed as a result of skin cancer several years ago. In 2 batches. They removed it, sent her home with gauze across her face AND NO NOSE and then made her come back to get a new one on a different day.

Yeah. Not doing that.

So now these people, who I totally trust to know what they're talking about, and who were speaking completely independent of one another, are telling me that I need to be in the sun without any protection. Granted, not for HOURS, but at least several times per week for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Which leaves me at an impasse.

Usually, when I'm trying to decide between 2 options like this**, I try to go with whatever's been done throughout history. No human problem is unique; there's a 99.9999% chance that it's been dealt with and documented somewhere by someone else. And if human existence has survived all this time without sunblock (very well-documented that this is true), then the sun can't be all bad, right?

So today I went to the pool with My Ship and her boyfriend and I didn't bring sunblock. I didn't bring a bathing suit, either, because I saw some rain drops when I looked out of the window before leaving. Ship was not pleased. But we went anyway. And I fell asleep on a lounge chair in full sun. I woke up, I don't know, an hour later and was all, "crap." But aside from a tiny bit of red near the collar of my t-shirt, I didn't get a tiny bit tan or burnt. I'm as pale as ever. Do you know what this means?

I have actually used enough sunblock in my life that my skin naturally repels UV rays. I'm like a real-life super hero. Of not tanning. Someone get me Marvel on the phone.

*Except for Leaf's one friend who totally lurks, and who is totally welcome/encouraged to do so, but whom I've never met. Dear Leaf's friend, I'm extraordinarily pale. Please see above for further information about this topic.
**As in, health-type questions. Things that are anthropologically traceable.

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