Thursday, September 2, 2010

my only thought is for the baked goods we're all missing out on right now

I am an idiot. I've been contorting myself and wearing out my wrists, thinking the only computer I had available was my iPhone. But, duh, The Foliage's laptop has been 2 feet from me this whole time. Yesterday and today. All day. I am so dumb sometimes.


Progress has been made on our new [excruciatingly humble] abode! I made a thrift store drop off this morning, and the car is almost loaded up again with items to be donated. Not to mention the bags of garbage to be taken outside (although garbage pick-up isn't until Tuesday...I don't know how they'll fare out of the house in the meantime...).

The other - arguably more pressing - issue is that of rodents. Specifically cockroaches. My lovely fiance told me that the house had a cockroach problem before we moved in, but didn't think it was too bad. However. It is. It is that bad. It is so so bad. It is open-a-single-cupboard-and-a-large-roach-is-falling-while-another-scurries-away bad*.

Grandpa Tom (GPT), who owns the house, apparently didn't notice them. He was shocked out of his mind** when we brought him into the kitchen and were able to point out several without even really looking. This could be because he doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen, though. I've been told that he had periodically been setting off foggers when he and the kids*** had gone to Philadelphia (where my future aunt in law lives with her practicing Jewish family).

So I've gotten 2 quotes for extermination so far. One from Terminix and one from Orkin.

And I have to say I've had quite a little moral dispute with myself over this. Going with nationally-known franchises over local guys? It hurts my soul. However. They offer better guarantees than the local guys. And with something as notoriously hard to beat as a cockroach infestation, I want a really good guarantee. And the biggest poison guns money can buy. Which the little guys can't afford. And now I have to stop thinking about how I'm not supporting an independent business before I start to sob uncontrollably.

-4 visits, 1 internal and external and 3 external
-Called me back at the time they said they would yesterday, and only once, and left a voicemail.

-7 visits, 1 internal and external and 6 external
-100% money back guarantee
-Will seal up all cracks and crevices****
-Uses human and animal-safe, EPA-approved poisons (I told him we'd leave for a few days if he wanted to use something stronger, but apparently they really trust this stuff that can't make a dog sick. WE'LL SEE.)
-Called me about 7 times today and never left a voicemail. I hate that. Really.

So I think we're going with Orkin. The guarantee and nearly double the number of visits kinda make it a shoe-in. However, now we have to convince GPT that this is necessary. He who has been a maintenance man for longer than I've been alive, and who thinks that running some water down the drain will deter the bugs, and a once-every-few-months fogger will do the trick...has to be convinced that $623 worth of extermination is worthwhile.

'Cause I can't make cookies in a kitchen where there are roaches everywhere. I just can't. And if I can't make cookies...what exactly is the point of living? Right?!

*Yes, we've gone from one infestation to another. Knowingly. We are aware of how ridiculous that is.
**You know. Not LITERALLY. Duh.
***They're not kids, but it's easier to say "kids" than "the teenagers" or "Robyn and Brendan" or "the members of the household who aren't me or Leaf or GPT...or the dog"
****One of the two windows in our room is broken. Like, completely broken. And there's a big hole in the wall on the back of the house. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

if you want to call walker's pest control they're a local company and they do our bug stuff. I don't know about their guarantees but it might help you sleep at night knowing you got one local quote