Friday, September 3, 2010

our house. in the middle of the street.

Today is Shabbat. The first Shabbat for which I've been the primary chef. Last Friday we went to Leaf's grandmother's best friend's house. That's how Jews roll. If you're friends, you're family, and even after people pass away, everybody still hangs out together all the time. Which sounds nice, and mostly is, except when you feel obligated to include 5 gajillion people in

Anyway, last week this family friend invited the 5 of us to her house for Shabbat dinner, and it was ha-mazing. She made some roast chicken dish that blew my socks off. When I asked, here's how she said to make it:
-Get chicken
-Pour any liquid over it (salad dressing, water, gin...literally any liquid according to this broad)
-Roast it

Thanks. So helpful. As far as the family friends go, I'll keep her. She got me out of making Shabbat dinner in any case.

I just realized I didn't get challah today. Ughhhhhh I am such a bad fake Jew...I'll have to get some at the grocery store later...

So this Shabbat dinner business is really stressing me out. Leaf and Grandpa Tom agreed that they wanted fried chicken for dinner (I've made vegetarian meals all week, and one night we went to Chili's...just FYI), and luckily they wanted the fried chicken from Max's Koshermart, which is about 8 minutes from the house. So Leaf put in an order for 15 pieces, which I had to pick up at 1. Because they close at 2. Even though sunset isn't until, like, 8.

I had thought I could make biscuits to accompany the chicken, but for 1) I would have to go buy flour and other baking ingredients, and 2) I hate cooking in the kitchen with all the roaches. Especially something like baking which requires rolling out dough on the contaminated surfaces. They're everywhere! There's even one IN the microwave, stuck (but still alive) in front of the digital clock, behind the plastic cover piece.

We talked with GPT about the exterminator quotes we got, and he thinks it's a waste, but says we're welcome to do it if he doesn't have to leave the house and if we're willing to pay for the treatment. So now we're debating that. They seem to be in the kitchen and dining room, which are both extremely cluttered, and that's a huge draw for pests. Duh. But we don't want to pay all that money for a treatment if the bugs can just hide in stacks of paper in the corner. BUT throwing away anything in the dining room is a huge uphill battle, since most of the boxes contain legal and financial documents. Whether or not the documents are still relevant has no bearing on whether or not we'll be allowed to shred them. Because once they mattered. And documents don't just stop mattering, do they? I think they probably never mattered because all of it is available online, but they're not my papers to destroy.

Anyway. Here are our current roach-related options:
-Pay $600+ for Orkin's services now, which may or may not be effective given the status of the house, but has a 100% money back guarantee
-Clean the kitchen and dining room (and, really, the rest of the idea what the timeline would be for this) of clutter and THEN pay for Orkin
-Hold out until the end of the month, when we all go to Philadelphia for Sukkot, and GPT sets off a fogger, which helps to keep them at bay

Any thoughts? Leaf keeps ignoring my suggestions to raze the building, dump borax on the charred remains, and then build a new, non infested house.

Other input for quick, one-or-two pot kosher/vegetarian meals is appreciated, too. How do vegans feel about exterminating disease-ridden pests, I wonder? Oh, the things one has time to think while unemployed...

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