Friday, September 3, 2010

pack it in pack it in let me begin

I am head over heels in blog love. Again.

Meet My Ugly Baby

Ohhhh it is so genius. It's really well-written, and it makes me feel like we're not alone. Only we're fixing up someone else's house (inch by inch...and kind of without the owner always knowing), and those people have the incredible benefit of starting with an empty space. An ugly empty space, absolutely. But just imagine the garbage their predecessors must have owned. And then try to imagine hauling every piece of that out. While the owner's standing right next to you. That's pretty much our life right now.

But this is not a game of who-has-it-worse. I'm excited to see how their progress goes. And they've got me considering laminate for our floor. The hallway and stairs are hardwood, but the (disgusting) carpet in our room is directly on top of the subfloor. I really don't know how to work around dingy blue carpet, so that might just have to go completely.

OK, all this talk about the room makes me realize I should post pictures of the room so people know what I'm talking about.

It's pretty dark, but this is the view as you walk into the room (taken with my iPhone). This window is broken and needs to be either fixed or replaced.
The rest of the room as you enter. Please note the tiny bed on which we've been sleeping, and Laddie the dog relieved himself this week while I was driving Leaf to work.
From the back wall/bed area, looking at the remaining STUFF after a LOT of trashing and donating. Nice big closet!
Abysmal bureau next to the bed with pots of dirt on top and a weird plant in the corner
From the back wall/bed area, the first side of the room. That laundry basket's full of clean clothes, as I've been doing all the laundry I come across in the house, I'll have you know.
I like the camel. I have no idea why. But it's staying.
Remaining STUFF in the closet

Like I said, this is after a significant amount of cleaning and trashing and donating. We don't have many more items to remove, so we're getting to the point where we need to buy supplies and bring in furniture. Here's the current room furniture inventory:

-Twin bed frame
-Soiled twin mattress (it had lots of stains before Laddie ever got to it)
-4' tall shelves
-4' long bureau
-3' tall chest
-3.5' tall shelves
-Antique table
-Antique barber's chair (this is in the middle of the STUFF shots above)
-Office chair
-Large rectangular mirror
-Wall shelves held up with L-brackets (not sure whether these really count as furniture...)

Here's what's actually staying:

-3' tall chest
-Antique table (it's a family heirloom of GPT's)
-Antique barber's chair (GPT says we have's too heavy to move ourselves anyway)
-Large rectangular mirror

Here's what we're going to bring in:

-A new bed (we don't know what sorts of issues our Wilmington bed might bring with it)...full or queen. Anyone throwing away a grown-up sized bed?
-Bed frame
-Long bureau from my old apartment
-Leaf's beloved television (and its related accessories)

My mock-up of the finished room, via mydeco. Keep in mind that it's hard to add pieces of art/personality to these things...our room won't be so sparse. But the bed will be made. Stupid program messing up the sheets...
Our plan is to stick with a very basic black (or other dark solids) and white palette, so our room will be as calm as possible. Where the shelves are will probably be the barber's chair, and the large mirror will be on the wall to the left of the window. Our favorite part of the idea is the chalkboard behind the bed, which should be pretty cool. We're undecided on the chandelier as yet. Here is the current light fixture:

I found the other 2 blades while cleaning, but only 1 of the holder onner thingies. We've talked about maybe spray painting the whole thing a charcoal grey. OR we could just replace it entirely. Really cheaply. Which is to say, not with a light fixture. Which means we'd need to put light fixtures somewhere else. Sconces? Table lamps? Whatever. Ugly light fixtures depress me. Stand by for awesome!

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Lauren said...

Holy moly this was quite an accidental discovery today! For some reason this (very belatedly) appeared in my sidebar today. Thanks so much for the kind words and for generally spreading the ugly baby love. Can't wait to delve further into your site -- it seems we've both bitten off quite the project! Thanks again =)