Friday, September 10, 2010

shanna tourvuh

It is the wee hours of Day 2 of my first Rosh Hashanah. And lemme tell ya...Day 1 was pretty intense. We got to the synagogue a little before 10, and services didn't end until almost 2. Then we went to the late-grandmother's-bff's house again (this lady totes rules...she needs a more convenient nickname, though) and didn't leave THERE until 4ish.

Problem: I totally forget that high holidays were this week, and did not pack appropriate garb. The best I could muster up was a pretty casual black pants and white tank top combo, with a J Crew cardigan (gifted...I can't afford that ish). And the only shoes I had were Rainbow flip flops and [intentionally] frayed navy blue Keds. Ughhhhh.

Rosh Hashanah Day 1

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 by iheartpeachyring featuring a sandal shoe

Totally unacceptable. Totally. Hello? Me? I didn't even wear jeans to school until, like, 2nd grade. I wore frilly floral dresses to the playground. Dressing up and I are a thing. Today was...humiliating.

So I went shopping.

And I got this outfit (minus the cardigan which I already had...another gifted J Crew item...I have a good friend) for $40!!

Rosh Hashanah Day 2

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 by iheartpeachyring featuring silver flat shoes

The relative size of the shoes implied their importance. To my life. Which they complete. Also I got the dress for $12. Ahhhh, I love successful shopping.

Why am I even talking about this? On to the rambling other stuff updates!

So you know how the floor under the carpet isn't nice? Jaykay! Over dinner last night, I mentioned something about the floor, and apparently it's oak underneath. Oak. In perfect condition. Under the carpet. The problem? GPT got pretty prematurely defensive about us touching the carpet. At all. Sigh* Luckily, the floor is always the last part of any project, so maybe the results of other aspects of the room will help him to trust us.

And you know how we needed a bed? Also fixed! My Ship called her mom, who was going to sell her other daughter's full bed and frame, and they decided to give it to us for free instead! Score! I cannot tell you how luxurious a full bed is after sharing a twin. A twin that smelled like urine. And had phone numbers written on the frame. Classy. Here's our new bed:
I heart Swedes...and My Ship and her family

Tonight, while looking for a replacement bureau, we actually went up to Ikea, where I fell in Ikealove* with this guy:
Not Abba, but close
Except in the slate color. But it's $300!! Ridic. We'd found a bureau at the thrift store earlier for $40 that we both liked, but is a little beat up. We're going to go back and get it, sand it a little, prime it (we have Killz at home in Delaware), paint it dark grey, and then add some white enameled hardware.

In other high holiday news, Robyn is with the cousins in Philadelphia, and I'm not a fan of that at all. Today Brendan read the 2nd Aaliyah** completely unprepared and didn't mess up once. I know, I was shocked too. Tomorrow (orrrrr later today...Day 2...whatever) he's reading a torah portion. He's practiced it for Leaf a couple of times now, and Leaf says he's doing it right but it sounds preposterous to me. They use dots for the singing instead of bar music. And most of their prayer books don't have transliteration, which means I can't follow along. It's like the whole religion is designed to frustrate me. Personally. Me me me.

In more different news it's almost 2am and I have to get up in a few hours to wow the crowds at B'Nai Israel with my new rockin' threads. Because that's what religious holidays are for. Like I need to tell you that. ANYway I missed blogging and wanted to update all 3 of you. Because I guess I like you or something. Gross.

*Less intense than other furniture love. A sort of love that mixes and matches easily but can get lost in the shuffle.
**Not just a tragically deceased musician, but also the story of the foundation of the Hebrews. Jews take credit for everything.


R.A.P. said...

hey "ddayporter" aka Rachel here, just followed your link from APW.. and just had to chime in to let you know, we have the same bed. I'm not sure why anyone needs to know that, but I felt compelled to share. Zach and I almost broke up over putting that f*cker together, I hope you were spared that pain since it was used and maybe at least partly put together already?

anyway a year later and it hasn't broken SO, I hope it hangs in there for you too.

ceejus said...

It was, luckily, mostly put together. Although we realized today that the previous owner had the headboard on backwards. For, like, 5 years. And Leaf knocked over the old (huge, heavy, solid wood) frame while we assembled this one and nearly killed us both. Which is arguably worse than breaking up. Whatevs. Anything is a huge step up from the classfest we used to sleep on. Feels pretty sturdy. Plus we're still alive. Bonus.