Monday, September 6, 2010

t minus 363 days

Two days ago was 9/4/10. As year before our wedding. So we went to visit our venue. And we LOVED it. Even more than the last time we were there.


It smelled like mushroom farm. Which is a risk in that area. Anybody in Northeastern Delaware or Southeastern Pennsylvania knows what I'm talking about. So do we want to chance the wind blowing that smell directly at us? Or do we find somewhere else entirely? And if we ARE looking somewhere else, should we just move everything to the DC area? The only thing we've booked is our photographer, and it's probably actually easier for her to go to DC than DE.

So we'll see. Which is my least favorite conclusion ever. Hello? Planning? I've been dreaming every single night for the past two weeks that it's our wedding day, and I'm trying really hard to just relax and be happy, but all I can do is panic because I haven't DONE anything yet. Then I wake up, calm myself down, and then grumble a whole bunch because I just want to BE married. All this other garbage is ruining the usual fun of event planning.

I really dislike being engaged.

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