Saturday, September 18, 2010

we are always so late for services

Sigh* Oh, this house. It's so fun. Last night, I made shabbat* dinner with Robyn and Brendan's help, and the roaches were EVERYWHERE. We kept trying to spray and kill them without getting poison in the food or knocking dishes off the counter. Ugh. So gross.

The night before, Leaf and I went for a run at the high school a few blocks from the house. It was great to get out and run after such a long hiatus, but it was drizzling which is my FAVE, so that was awesome. But then. We came back, and the 2 of us and Brendan made a quick dinner and my chest started itching. Would not stop. Eventually I excused myself to go to the bathroom (there's really only so much boob scratching you can do in front of a teenager) to check things out, and...cockroach. In my bra. Good mother of salted caramel truffles, bug in bra. Surprisingly, I didn't scream. I did grab and crush and throw it instinctively, though. I'm still pretty grossed out about it.

And then yesterday morning, as I was in the shower with conditioner in my hair and scrub on my face...I heard Grandpa Tom yelling. I turned off the water to see what it was, and he shouted that water was dripping into the dining room. Great. I got out of the shower and rinsed my hair and face in the sink before leaving the bathroom so he could take a look. The access panel to the plumbing in the bathroom is also in our closet, so I got dressed and moved a bunch of stuff out of the way for him to get to the pipes. And then sat and listened while he mused about the problem. The problem which has somehow soaked the floor beneath the tiles, and next to the tub.

All I could think was, "Sweeeeeet, the ceiling above the kitchen/dining room is wet. It's like a written invitation for the bugs to migrate." And whaddoyaknow, later that day I picked up one of the floor tiles that has been loosened by the mysterious deluge, and a tiny cockroach scampered away.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night because I kept waking up thinking there were bugs all over me. Happy Yom Kippur. This fasting-during-all-day-services thing isn't gonna work for me 'cause I need coffee. Post haste.

*Shabbat that kicks off Yom Kippur is apparently called "Kol Nidre." So that's really what I made. What.e.ver.

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