Thursday, October 7, 2010


So Meg of A Practical Wedding just posted the new book club book. And it's not like a surprise since the book has been all over the comments and mentioned repeatedly. But oh, MAN! These ladies are going nutso in the comments! Like mean, passive-aggressive, guilt-assigning nutso. It's ridiculous!

It makes me think of high school, when I had to read books I absolutely hated for AP English class. "Heart of Darkness" comes to mind. Immediately. And violently. Because I really, really hated it. I still really hate it*.

But, hey, I've read it. And I can hold my own in a discussion about it. And I can commiserate with other people who hate it (and there are plenty of us). People just need to CALM DOWN. And remember that there will be other months. And other books. And that maybe they should relish this opportunity to decry the book they hate so very much, to maybe "win" people over to their side, in an intimate, intelligent setting.

The Internet is such a crazy place sometimes.

*Others include "Red Badge of Courage" and "The Awakening"...both of which made/make me want to slam my face on something blunt and shiny.


Lauren said...

Haha I was just ranting about Heart of Darkness the other day - I HATED that book. Probably boys love it - but you can't give girls Pride & Pred one minute, then switch to wretched jungle hell the next. We're going to revolt.

Sarah said...

No freaking kidding. At least the DC ladies were being respectful.

I mean, yes, I dislike it ( and said so, hopefully calmly ;) ) but I'm still READING IT. And it'll lead to good discussion, if people can just get over the rawr-ness of it all. Jeesh.