Tuesday, October 19, 2010

honey do

I'm not supposed to look at honeymoon stuff until about 2 months before the wedding.
We're going to find last-minute deals.
And then go.
Because I can't be trusted to try and narrow down travel itineraries so far in advance.
And The Foliage is fully aware that if he takes over, I'll just hound him about it and make him miserable.
So neither of us is supposed to look at any of that stuff.

I kind of fell in love with a place.
Specifically, this place:



It's on the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, in the middle of the Mediterranean. And it's incredible. It's a working, organic farm that sells its produce as well as house-made preserves. It has bikes for you to borrow so you can tour the island and visit the beaches...there are a ton of beaches. A ton. It's eco-friendly, using gray water to irrigate the crops and all of the buildings were refurbished using green techniques. It looks...just absolutely amazing. And for 1 week, it'd cost about $1,400. Not terrible.

The beach closest to the hotel. Facing North toward Barcelona. Image courtesy of the hotel's website.

I'm thinking we could spend a week there, and then a second week on the mainland. One week of relaxation, followed by a week of exploring.

But where to explore?

Here are things I want:
-Cool architecture, bonus for churches (like that's hard in Europe, I know)
-Great wine
-Even better cheese (fromage quality is paramount here, people)
-Doesn't take forever to get there after leaving the island

From Ibiza, it's easiest to get to Spain, specifically Valencia and Barcelona. France (Cannes, Monaco, Marseilles) is slightly more difficult to access directly, but not impossible. Then there's Italy on the other side. OR we could go South to Northern Africa. Which could be cool. I just don't know. Ideally, we could walk to Holland from Ibiza, but that's probably not going to happen. I really, really want to go to the Netherlands someday. It's a life list kind of thing.

Anyway. Step 1 is to get a job so we can afford to take any honeymoon, period. Step 2 is to make sure that job offers enough vacation time. Step 3 is to get married. Right. Focus. Baby steps. Blah.

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