Saturday, October 23, 2010

lay your weary head to rest

I got my gown! It's AH-MAHZING. My mom, sister and I went to Staten Island today (yesterday) for the Brides Against Breast Cancer Gown Sale. Tomorrow (today) is the last day it's going to be there before moving on to the next location. I highly recommend going if you can. Everything is organized by size, and couture is separated from non-couture, so you have a better idea of the price ranges as you're looking. I tried on about 15 gowns, and the dress I ended up with was the 3rd one. And one of the attendants (who was a volunteer) had insisted I try it.

In the interest of full-disclosure, my parents bought me this dress. I'm planning on covering any and all alterations, but I would never have been able to purchase it on my own. My parents totally rule. After seeing me in it, my mom said, "That's your dress," and threw down the cash without a second thought. I am incredibly grateful, and I don't want to misrepresent myself as super bargain-hunter chick. Normally, I totally am that chick. Just not today. And the sale price was still way below retail, plus the proceeds 100% go to the Brides Against Breast Cancer projects, which is awesome and makes me feel a hell of a lot better than if I'd gone to the b*tchy salon in Philadelphia. But it wasn't cheap, and I thought you should know.

I'll post pictures of some of the dresses I didn't get another time. I can't find the manufacturer's pictures of my gown anywhere. It's a Pronovias (my fave!) with short sleeves and a trumpet-fit, but it's not "Magda." I don't know if maybe somebody owned it before and altered it a little from the original. In any case, it fits like a GLOVE, and I just have to have it hemmed an inch or two. And maybe add a lace panel to the neckline since I'll be kneeling/bending/contorting in front of a priest.

It's not what I pictured myself loving, but it's also not very different from the dresses I'd imagined wearing for my wedding. It's like...a combination of the things I've loved about different styles. Which I never thought to put together. Anyway. I'll stop being cryptic. Because I need to go to bed anyway. Tomorrow we're going to Hershey Park with The Pecks, so I need my rest. Peas.

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