Sunday, October 3, 2010

maybe you're wrong and maybe i'm right

That's not us.

There has been a great big wedding development.
It has to do with the food.
And I'm not telling you.
Mostly because certain family members would probably be upset at how non-traditional it is.
But I had the idea, and when I told The Foliage, he was immediately excited.
Which never happens when I tell him wedding ideas.
Seriously, ever.
But he was excited about this one. And I was, too.
So we sealed the deal (with a high-five, duh) and everyone else can enjoy their delicious surprise food.
Sometimes being engaged doesn't suck.


Swiss Miss said...

by certain family members- do you mean me? I do not believe "bring your own brown bag" should be an option.

ceejus said...

yes, i meant you, but no one's going to have to bring their own food. i'll tell you what it is next time i'm up there. i mostly just don't want to post ALL of the wedding details because i want most of it to be a surprise for the guests.