Friday, October 15, 2010

paperback writer

I have a problem. With paper. I love it...much more than I should. It's pretty intense. When The Foliage and I wander around areas with lots of cute shops (I'm looking at you, Georgetown), he never really has to worry about me dragging him into a clothing boutique or a shoe store...but as soon as he sees a Papyrus or Paper Source he'll try to drag me to the other side of the street. Because he knows what's coming. I think I left him with the greeting cards for about an hour once while I examined every single loose-leaf offering I could find. Yeah. Oops.

So this whole wedding invitation thing? Kind of a big deal. At the very least, now that we've agreed upon a loose theme, I can automatically eliminate a lot of designs as I search. Before getting engaged (hell, before I even met my fiance) I would peruse the motifs and materials of thousands of invitations on a weekly basis, and goodNESS I wanted them all. This whole pick-one-style thing has really helped.

But it still isn't enough.

I find myself so bored with so many invitations I see nowadays. Does everything have to be a flat card? Is the only dynamic option a pocketfold? Seriously? It hurts my paper-loving soul. On the other hand, I don't want to pay for postage on 50 tiny boxes that open to Victorian-style pop-up bliss. When we made our engagement party invitations, we took them to be hand-canceled at the post office and it was $1.22 per piece. They weren't even heavy! They were in square envelopes! Yeesh. So when you're talking about postage on each invitation, it adds up pretty quickly.

Erin of Corndog Industries offers some really cool designs. I'm especially in lust with her Ouija Board suite. The envelopes become planchettes! Genius!

519 Weddings does all custom work, at pretty awesome prices. And they come up with PDF suites that you can print locally, so you have a lot more control over the total cost. Just LOOK at their travel-themed set. Just look. And attempt to keep your jaw off the floor.

My mom has been making painfully fabulous cards and invitations for, um, ever. Oh, and she's also a kick-ass calligrapher. Score! So we're going to be making the invitations, for which I THINK we have a pretty good idea. Now it's just a matter of making a sample, and then making the actuals. Luckily, she found this place which is in NEWARK FREAKING DELAWARE where we can DO OUR OWN LETTERPRESS! Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Lots of CAPS. Because I am EXCITED BY THIS. We each have to do a prerequisite workshop to learn how to use the machines, which is about $120 per person, but then you rent the studio for $10 per hour. You buy your own paper, they provide the ink. And obviously everything else. For letterpress? $300ish for letterpress? Uuuuummmmmmmthejoy. The JOY.

So I'll keep you posted on progress. And if you live in the area, totes jump on this gravy train. You can come with us when we do the workshop if you want! I'm guessing it won't be until early next year, but feel free to join.

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