Tuesday, October 26, 2010

public service announcement

I just reposted this in Google Reader, but it's SO IMPORTANT that I need to link it here, too. Just in cases. You know. Anyway.

Read this blog entry immediately.*

Designer dresses. For, like, nothing. To rent. That are sent to you with a free backup size, and a postage-paid return envelope. They dry clean the dresses. You get them for 8 days. HELLO, SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE!!!

Just sign up. Like, yesterday. WHEW! I feel better now.

*Also start following that blog because My Ship writes it, and it's about the weddings she plans, and I'm now her business' DC-area branch. Do it do it do it.


Sarah said...

Holy shit. This is wonderful. DONE AND DONE.

Hmm ... now to find a dress for New Years...

ceejus said...

AHHHH I hadn't even thought about NYE!! Over the next 6 months I'll probably use this site about 11 times. Amazing.

Sarah said...

Yep! Not that we have any plans yet, but can't I wear a pretty dress even if I'm sitting on my couch falling asleep?

On second thought, plans must be made. Jeesh.