Thursday, October 14, 2010

to infinity and beyond

Last night at dinner Robyn mentioned her current grade in Statistics. And it's, you know, not great. I said, "I thought you said you were liking Statistics!" She said she was, and she had no idea how her grade could be so low. We reassured her that there will be more assignments and tests to bring up the grade, and that there's plenty of time left in the semester, and suggested that she talk to her teacher about what's hurting her so far.

But I was totally thinking the whole time, "Any parent who heard 'I don't know' about a low grade would roll their eyes and not believe her." I have been there, though. The feeling of, "What?! I thought I was doing really well!" And being blind-sided by a teacher's negative assessment. And, MAN, is it ever frustrating.

So watch your BACK, Statistics teacher! Some awesome work is comin' atcha.

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Lauren said...

That cartoon's priceless. The post, though, is going to give me nightmare-flashbacks of Macro Economics 102. Please don't make me go back!