Thursday, October 7, 2010

workin' on my fitness, he's my witness

And we're back! Or...I'm back. And The Foliage is back. So, yeah, we're both back. Into being our healthy, active selves. It has been a WHILE. After running the other night, in the cold, I've decided that I just hate summer. The humidity just makes me want to lay down somewhere and breathe heavily.

But this cool weather! This I can handle. I mean when I'm moving. If I'm still, I'll complain about the cold. A lot. Because I am a wimp about temperatures. Anyway.

Last night, I went to BFit in Logan Circle with my friend Barbara Lee, who had never been. Some girl I'd never seen before was teaching the class while the regular teacher, Amy, was on vacation. Now, I thought Linda - the studio's owner - was supposed to teach that class. But Linda was also out of town. And now that I know that's Amy's usual time slot, I will never go on a Wednesday evening ever again. Because Linda makes me want to die. But Amy...Amy makes me want to drown. Which is - I've decided - the manner in which I'd like to die the least. Out of all my options. But I'd do it to escape Amy's class. Is how brutal she is.

BFit Studio - sans happy hour workout crowd

Today I'm sore, but I'm also really excited for exercise. And after running 3 miles Monday, without even straining, and no soreness the next day...I'm even excited again for the Army 10-miler this month! Which isn't to say I'm optimistic. I have strong doubts that I'll be able to run the whole thing. But I think I can at least run more than half of it by then. I've got a couple of weeks to train still.

In my over-enthusiasm for exercise, I've been looking up places to go in DC, and ummm there are plenty. If you're in the DC area, I highly recommend WelcomeOmDC. It focuses a lot on yoga, but there's no shortage of other disciplines featured, and there are really well-rounded lists of local studios. AND they tell you about places that are offering free/deeply discounted classes in blog posts. Love!

They also caused me to look up this place:

Seriously, I just want to go to be in that studio. Look at all that space! In DC! NorthWEST no less. Unbelievable. I sweat the District.


The Foliage said...


Sarah said...

Hey! Stroga! Jon shoots all their promos. My computer at home is full of BEAUTIFUL shots of that space.

I swear I'm going to take my dress over there and shoot it. I have a severe lack of prettiness when it comes to dress shots. Because dammit, I am a girl, and I want the pretty!

Also, I'm so down with taking classes there once I can afford it. We should get on that.

ceejus said...

YEAH we should! I know. I just want to go there to take pictures. The gleaming floors! The huge windows! The chandeliers! GahhhIlove.

Sarah said...

And, um, the rent it out. For lots of chickens, I assume, but DUDE. THEY RENT IT OUT.