Monday, November 15, 2010

i'm going hungry

OK, so I said I wouldn't tell you who our wedding caterer is*. So that people would be surprised on the actual day. But it was really probably more so because I didn't want it to become "a thing" and totally overdone. Because seriously this is going to blow the eff up. But. The business' owner is a friend of ours, and I just can't justify not promoting him. And also being concerned that something in our wedding "has been done before" is just about the dumbest thing ever**.


I present to you...the Wood Fired Pizza Truck. Owned and operated by our friend, Matthew Hans, it is so so so good. I have had a lot of pizza in my time, and...this is my most favorite crust of life***. Seriously. It has some wood char, and is so soft and a little chewy inside and crispy around the edges, but it doesn't overwhelm the toppings. So. Frigging. Good.

Via Wood Fired Pizza's Facebook Page
Matt bought and restored a red 1950s Ford Pickup Truck, and then welded an oven on the back. Not just any oven - an imported, hand-made, Italian, wood-burning pizza oven. It is just about the coolest thing I've seen. And ZOMG it smells so good. You can't even imagine. And he has years of experience as a chef, so he knows quality. We can't wait to figure out a seasonally-appropriate menu for our guests. It's going to be tough to narrow things down enough.

If you're in the area, I cannot urge you strongly enough to check him out and eat some mind-blowing pizza. Check the Facebook page for locations throughout the week. And if you book him for your wedding, too...I'll try to be happy for you. Mostly I'll just be jealous of your guests. Or you can invite me and we'll all high-five about it. Yeah, I like that option better.

*The picture from that entry was a reference to WFP's truck. Sly, no? I heart patting myself on the back for cleverness...
**It's really hard to acknowledge the fact that all the event ideas I see on blogs over and over...are still completely unknown to people who don't painstakingly pore over wedding sites. If I served drinks in mason jars (I'm not going to, BTW), maybe 1 or 2 of my friends (also wedding-obsessed) would recognize the trend. Everyone else's minds would be BLOWN by the GENIUS.
***We have a few attendees who have gluten allergies, so Matt's going to bring a few gluten-free crusts as well. The dude is awesome. His family's pretty cool, too. Just FYI.


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You did it! Figured out food for a wedding that people actually want to eat. Wahoo!! That truck is so cool. What a dude. Three cheers for vetoing cooked-and-kept-warm-and-thrice-reheated-beef? Blehhhhh.