Thursday, November 11, 2010

now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Most of you have probably heard that I just got a job! I am so excited about the organization, and the fact that I'll be right in downtown DC! I'll regrettably have to give up following all the shows I've come to know and depend upon during my unemployment. Here are the programs I have been putting effort into watching* in no specific order:


Life Unexpected

Probably the least embarrassing of my shows. I take that back. Definitely high on the embarrassometer. But I starting watching it last year because it was on each week when The Foliage was in Maryland, and I was bored. So I already had a relationship with it. I used to want all of Cate Cassidy's clothes. This season I'm not so sure. What's with the shapeless dresses, Cate? Seriously. Gross.


Greys Anatomy

Which has been consistently disappointing me for a while now, but I just can't stop. I wish Callie had left instead of Arizona. Callie is freaking annoying. Not Izzie annoying, but even's pretty bad. I really liked Arizona. Blah. This is an old picture.


Brothers and Sisters

I saw the pilot way back in the day, and had no interest. Then I ran out of shows to watch one day, so I watched all the episodes from this season so far. It mostly annoys me, but I keep going. If only because I appreciate multi-sibling dynamics on TV shows. They're so rare nowadays. I also can't find a promotional image from this season, and 3 of the people in the above image aren't even on the show anymore.



It's about cats from hell. What's not to like?



What? You haven't heard of Nikita? Well, you are missing OUT. Just kidding, I'm jealous of the hours in your life that you have spent not watching this. Her legs are uncomfortably small. And they constantly dress her in skin-tight everything. I can't even hear the dialogue because I'm so focused on how improbable her legs are. I'm pretty sure in the above image they were doctored to look bigger. No ferrealz.


Better With You

For the same reason I started watching Brothers and Sisters: having finished catching up on ALL the other shows, I started watching this one, and now I'm committed. And it sucks. This show really, really sucks. It is the most trite, overly-simplified, gender-stereotype-promoting, depressing-outlook-on-long-term-monogamy crap. But I like the girls' clothes. And hair.


No Ordinary Family

It's OK. The mom on the show used to be on "Roswell" WHICH WAS MY JAM. Liz (from "Roswell") is now actually the mom on "Life Unexpected" and they made a reference to this fact a few weeks ago, which made me giggle. Because I am a huge dork. But srsly Roswell4lyf.


*By myself. Sans The Foliage. He has no interest whatsoever in any of these shows. I really don't, either, but I keep watching anyway. It's not that I'm addicted so much as it is that I'm committed

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