Wednesday, November 3, 2010

there she goes again

So I've been a little absent from blogging for a few days. But MAN it's been a busy week. OK, 2 days. A busy 2 days. Monday was very much not busy. You got me. FINE. But yesterday and today, man...whoa...

Yesterday I went to the Robert Half & Accounting building in downtown DC first thing in the morning and had 2 interviews, both of which went really well. In between them I met up with my friend Sarah for lunch at Matchbox, which was SO GOOD. After both interviews were done I headed to Adams Morgan for a class at Stroga (taught by Faith Hunter) with Sarah and our friend Michelle. As usual, it was great. Faith is a fantastic instructor, and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful space.

Then I took the metro out to Bethesda where Leaf picked me up and we went to Union Jack's for trivia night with some friends. When we got home we ran 3 miles, as per our training plan to run a half marathon in January. Ohhhh, man, busy day. And I'd carried around SO MUCH STUFF with me. In heels. Luckily I got a sweet new briefcasey style purse at Target in preparation for the interviews which totally fit my yoga clothes, sandals, extra resumes, wallet, etc. without looking at all like I'd packed enough stuff for an entire weekend. But it was HEAVY. And my heels were HIGH. Yeesh.

Anyway. This morning I grabbed a granola bar and took the metro to DuPont Circle for my weekly BFit class. But you see all that stuff I did yesterday? All the running and the interviewing and the rushing around? I kinda forgot to eat substantially. I had a salad for dinner during trivia, but when I got to class this morning, I had hardly any carbs or protein in my system. So I nearly fainted during the class. It was rough.

Clearly I survived, and The Foliage totally bought me a filling lunch to make sure I didn't die. My death would probably be very expensive for him. I'm not saying that's why he feeds me. But I'm not saying it isn't, either.

Bottom line: 2 interviews. Both went really, really, really well. Both are jobs that I totally, really would LOVE to do. I'm feeling good, people. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.


R.A.P. said...

wait you went running AFTER trivia night? girl you crazy.

good luck on the jobs!!

also. I work in Bethesda. I like trivia. just you know, for future reference.

ceejus said...

Tuesday nights at Union Jacks, man!! You should come.

Also, yes. We run late. Always. Last night we ran 5 miles but didn't leave the house until 11. It's bad.