Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'm a loser, baby

Yeah, so I never write anymore. I know. Here's the problem: our apartment is completely ashambles right now, and I never feel relaxed enough to write. Not that I don't relax there. I totally love our new place, and I feel completely comfortable there. We just don't have anywhere to lounge yet other than, um, the bed. And I don't really like being on my computer in bed. BUT we are going to have the house thermally treated for bed bugs, and afterwards all of our possessions will be 100% safe again! And then we'll be able to bring down some furniture.

We did get 2 sah-weet armchairs from World Market last week, though. $100 each. For armchairs!! I love when stores accidentally don't take down the sale signs. Love.

Now the other problem is afoot: work. I have stuff to do. And I like doing it. And I like the location and my department. It's all pretty sweet. Which hopefully isn't jinxy to say, because I'd like to be here for a while. Anyway, nose to grindstone. I'm hoping to do a post soon about my Christmas spoils, so look out for that ish.

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