Tuesday, January 11, 2011

post script

And Ferris Bueller. What a douche. Why do you need to skip school to go into the city? That's what THE SUMMER is for, you high schooler! You get a built-in 3-month break to do whatever you want. Oh, and weekends. Toolbag.


Michelle said...

Also, he TOTALLY screws Cameron over in that movie. Not okay, Ferris.

ceejus said...

I KNOW, RIGHT?? I've always been curious to hear Cameron's dad's side of the story. All teenagers think their parents are more interested in their possessions/activities/careers than them, and it's almost never true. So your dad has nice stuff. BIG DEAL. That means YOU have nice stuff, genius.

Maybe you should try to hang out with your dad instead of whining about him and sleeping all day. And also stop being friends with Ferris because that guy's a total douche.