Friday, January 7, 2011

proof of genius

Remember when I was all, "we totally found an awesome and cheap venue!!"? Right after we got engaged? We had the person in charge of the property mail us a contract (she didn't have them with her because 2011 contracts hadn't been prepared and approved yet), which we received and set aside with our other Very Important Papers.

Then it totally disappeared. The other Very Important Papers (VIPs, if you will) were exactly where we had left them, but no venue contract. We figured it had been shuffled around somewhere in BedBugGate2010, but could. not. find it. We went through every stack of everything derived from a tree. Twice. It was infuriating.

So about 3 months ago I sent the in-charge-lady a text message apologizing for the inconvenience, and asking if she could send another contract if the date was still available. Which was a tooootal long-shot because COME ON venues get booked up, like, 2 years in advance*.

Last week I received a text message from her saying that she'd send another contract if I was still interested in 9/4/11. Which I obviously was. So I responded that that would be great.

Today, The Foliage is at the house in Delaware**. And he found the contract. On the refrigerator.

Bottom line: we are idiots, and the state should maybe not trust us to enter into such binding contracts as, oh, say, MARRIAGE. Yeesh.

*Unless they periodically smell like mushroom farms and feature decaying mini-golf courses, I guess.
**To have it thermally treated to kill every single thing with an exoskeleton on the premises. Whoohoo!!!

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