Saturday, January 15, 2011

your love your love you love is my drug

I just signed up for Weight Watchers. Not that I think I NEED to lose weight, I really just wanted to try it out. I hear such good things. It asked for a weight loss goal, and I honestly had no idea. To like my legs enough to wear skirts above the knee? Or to tone my arms to the point that I like them in photographs? I have no idea. So I entered a weight about 20 pounds below mine, because that was the maximum weight loss in my body's range. Or 20 pounds below what I think my current weight is. The last time I was weighed was at a doctor's office, and I've worked out a LOT since then. I've been within 5 pounds of my current weight since, like, high school. I just change sizes, not poundage. So the idea of being 20 pounds less than I am now is pretty...cuh-razy.

OK, I've explored the site more, and you can enter body measurements to use as benchmarks. Awesome. I would like to increase my hips (read: grow an ass) and shrink my legs and arms. Since I only signed up for the 1-week trial, we'll see how I do in the next 6 days. I think 2 inches in each area is tooooootally realistic. Stand by for disappointment.

The Foliage also convinced me to download the Nike Training Club app*, and I'm pretty excited about it. If I complete 1,000 minutes of training (since I usually work out for about an hour, that's 17 sessions), I'm automatically entered to win a training session with a professional trainer, which is pretty cool.

The app has a TON of workouts on it (you can search by goals like "get lean" and "get toned"), and includes video demonstrations of exercises. It's free to download, but takes up a good bit of memory. I just did the 30 minute "Curve Carver" workout on the Intermediate level...that ish is hard. I highly recommend.

I've also been using dailymile to track training for the past year or so, which annoyingly does not have an app that I can use on the go to sync with the site. I know, poor me, in my luxurious e-life with organized fitness. Whatevs.

Anyway, so that's the free stuff** I use to maintain my fitness goals. Oh, I guess I should mention my goals: be hot. That's pretty much it. I'm hot now*** but it's not like any person in the world couldn't stand a little improvement.

I also pay to work out at BFit once a week, and it's $22 per session (unless you buy packages of classes like I do, but it's still more expensive than, say, not paying anything at all). And I go to Stroga for yoga almost once per week. I'd been really good, but the crappy weather this past week deterred me, I am sorry to say. That's $15 per class unless you buy a package, but their package deadlines come really quickly and scare me out of committing.

So this business still adds up. And I feel kind of guilty about it, how much I spend on working out when there are so many free options available. Is my point. Luckily (unluckily?) The Foliage is super accepting and even encouraging, not because he thinks I need to improve, but because when we met I was thin, but in a really unhealthy way. And the guy is all about health. I mean except for his Taco Bell and Mountain Dew affinities. Which have totally become less prevalent over the past 3 years, I'll have you know. But if I'm spending $30 or so per week on 2 fitness classes, that's $120 per month. And I also sign up for the odd Groupon or LivingSocial deal to gyms or for random classes.

I don't know what the conclusion here is. How much is it worth to be the healthiest, most confident you you can be? For someone who is awful at maintaining a fitness regimen for more than a month or two, is the accountability of classes necessary? What about down the line when there are maybe kids? How will I have time for this ish? Or the money? Oh, life! You little metabolism-screwing joker you!

*The dude will download anything if it's free. An.y.thing. If there were a My Little Pony app and it didn't cost him, he'd get it. I don't know why. It's kind of ridiculous. This particular app is made for women, but the article he read said that guys shouldn't write it off because of that. Business is in.tense.
**Weight Watchers will cost money after the first week, so it's really only free as of this post.

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Jennierose said...

I spend a lot of money on fitness stuff...but I figure its an investment into my quality of life, and over the years it will pay off.

And yay for Weight Watchers. I just re-joined and I really like the new program, because it makes you focus on the healthiness of your food, not just lower calorie (like it did before). I totally didn't know you could track body measurements, though. Innnnteresting :)