Tuesday, February 15, 2011


On one hand, my tongue is burnt from eating too-hot coq a vin last night, and having a burnt tongue is super annoying.

On the other hand, holy sh*t, I made coq a vin! On a school night! With stuff I mostly already had! And it tasted awesome!

Every time I take a bite of food today, I simultaneously cringe and smile victoriously. I'm sure it looks really. attractive. Good thing I'm in a cubicle that faces an inside corner. Which is a lot less depressing than it sounds, I promise.

Why are the women in romantic comedies always horrible chefs? When I was younger, it made me feel like I wasn't strong enough somehow, because I know my way around the kitchen. Like I was a weaker version of a self-assured woman. Which is just crap. Yeah, yeah, yeah it's super endearing that you can't boil water WHATEVER.

So maybe I take books/plays/movies way too personally sometimes. At least I have delicious homemadeness to comfort me while I rant at the screen.

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