Monday, February 14, 2011

practice makes perfect

At the end of last week, The Foliage and I were preparing for our engagement shoot (which took place this Saturday and was AWESOME) which really consisted of kissing. We figured we should make out as much as possible so we wouldn't be awkward when doing so on camera. We'd spontaneously kiss one another, and then confirm that it was, in fact, just practice.

So Saturday afternoon, while we were killing time before the shoot, I leaned over and gave my betrothed a kiss. He said, "Practicing?" I responded, "Nah. My nose was running."

And then I laughed hysterically to myself for about 5 minutes while he regretted every decision he'd made in the past 3 years. Best. Fiance. Ever.


Jenn said...

During our engagement shoot, every time she asked us to kiss, I would burst out laughing instead.

Brandon was a teensy bit insulted I think.

ceejus said...

Kelly asked us to send her engagement photos we liked so she'd know what types of shots we preferred. Not a lot of kissing ones made the cut. So we only had to kiss 2 or 3 times. But each of them was SUPER AWKWARD and we both cracked up after a few seconds during each of them. We're classy.