Thursday, February 3, 2011

something you definitely need to know

Here's what my PMS symptoms have been for the past, oh, 10 years:
-Not liking my body as much as usual
-A sore throat/feeling like I'm catching a cold

So imagine my surprise when BAM I woke up with horrible cramps the other day. A day that followed a cold-symptom-free and liking-what's-in-the-mirror week.

Then I started piecing things together.

For the week prior, I had been furious with The Foliage for approximately 60% of every day. Like, plotting his painful demise in extreme detail level furious.

But then release came, and I was exhausted and in pain, but not angry.

Here's the thing: I hope this isn't going to be status quo from now on, but just in case it is, I'm researching large pay-out life insurance policies for ye olde fiance. Any recommendations?


Sarah said...

Yah ... um ... you just described me.

Jon USED to be in the habit of asking when I was due to start when I was angry with him. He learned fairly quickly that this was NOT a good way to calm me down.

Hang in there, lady. And let me know what you find out about that insurance policy... ::winks::

ceejus said...

Luckily (?) for him, when I get super mad and unreasonable, I usually feel really badly about it and apologize/explain later. If this is going to be a regular thing, I'll be able to just preempt his wondering by calmly saying, "LOOK, I have ridiculous hormones SURGING THROUGH ME and I can't be held responsible for what happens when you say stupid things like you only thought 'Beetlejuice' was only OK!" So that's handy.

R.A.P. said...

hahaha I can just see your face when you say that.

it's usually crying for no reason, for me. I don't need PMS to make my bitchy.

ceejus said...

Pffft yeah right, Rachel. I'm sure you're super bitchy alllll the time. That's totally your MO.

Grace said...

... leaf said beetlejuice was only okay? he's out. now. i take back what i said about having that dream the other day. he. is. out.