Wednesday, February 9, 2011

thay'll be no toymakuhs to ze king

So my hair today? It looks like Jessica's in "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," one of my all-time hair heroes (Miss Jessica if you're nasty). Yeah, I know she's a wooden puppet but WHATEVER. I've always held my hair to a higher standard. A lack of reality is a negligible hurdle for my tresses.

 It is way harder to find a picture of that broad than it should be. Anyway. French twist with mad of them volume, and face-framing sections. It's much less Patsy than it sounds. I was so annoyed when she let her hair down later in the movie. It looked stupid. If your hair is AWESOME, then don't mess with a good thing! Puppets are dumb sometimes. I totally want to post a picture of my own hair, but I can't, because I'm at work and I don't have enough privacy for a MySpacey photo session.

Other unrealistic hair love of my childhood (and beyond): Ariel

I wanted the bangs so badly! How did they stay up and out so far?! I was placated when I remembered that when I took baths and laid down in the tub, my hair was floaty and did things that weren't possible when I was walking around on my (whaddya call 'em?) feet. But then she totally gets out of the sea and her hair looks the same. Jerk.

The only times in my life I haven't liked my hair has been when I've cut it too short. This happened when I was 7 (thanks a lot, 1990s, with your weirdly favored bowl-cuts-for-girls) and when I was 23. So, 2 years ago. Right. I thought my cheekbones could handle it, but I was wrong. So, so wrong. I'm still growing out that mistake. Although it did look good the day I left the salon.

For the rest of my life, my hair and I have been in a passionate love affair. In high school, when my girl friends would complain about their coifs, I would swing mine around and say, "You should FEEL mine! It is so. soft." Which I now realize is extraordinarily toolish.

But seriously, you should feel my hair. It's ridiculous how soft it is.

This Saturday we're driving to New York City for our engagement shoot with the incomparable Kelly Prizel, and I am sooooo excited! I trust my hair (obviously) to be amazing, but my makeup, not so much. I think I look great on a daily basis, I just don't feel confident making myself photo-ready, so I researched stylists in the area, and ended up booking Annamarie Tendler, which I am pretty pumped about. Her work is amazing, and her prices are totally reasonable. hair and I will get the photographic attention we deserve...


Leah said...

so.bitter. this post is precisely 1 week too late for my opinion post where I totally discussed your obsession with your hair. Should I repost? What to do!?

ceejus said...

Maybe your post was 1 week too early for my hair to fulfill its true potential! But you don't need to repost. I'm sure someday our mutual references to my hair will align, and the gods of blogging will smile upon up.