Monday, March 21, 2011

12 little girls in 2 straight lines

When my family first moved to Delaware from Ohio, I was (justbarely) 16, and there were 6 of us living in a long-term corporate hotel room. It was a huge for a hotel room, but...claustrophobic for 4 girls and 2 parents. For several months. And one day my youngest sister was REST. LESS. to the Nth degree. So we went to the store. I forget which one. But it had toys. And she got a Madeline dollhouse.


B*tch loved Madeline. This thing is HUGE when you live in a hotel room. Mammoth, even.

And it required tools. Tools which were packed away with all of our other belongings. And she was cuh-RANKY and it was after stores-that-sold-tools had closed for the day.

So I put that ish together. With a fork. Hell YEAH with a fork! It was awesome. I am awesome. It was wobbly. And she was soooooo excitedddddd*. And even after we moved in to the house and unpacked the tools, the screws were never tightened. Because that's how we roll in my family**.

I had a wedding-planning meltdown last night. But I figure if I could put together a behemoth dollhouse with flatware at 16? I can probably throw a stupid wedding at 26.

*OMG she was so cuuuuuute and even just thinking about it now makes me tear up. She's in f*cking COLLEGE! That can't be allowed, right?! I just built her this stupid dollhouse that made her life complete! Ugh. I can't handle the aging of people in my life.
**Apparently we also roll like not helping. Now that I'm re-reading this, WTF? There were 4 other people in that hotel room that could've assisted with this, but just sat there while I had to use silverware to assemble a large-scale toy! What crap. I'm so getting revenge via wedding assignments.


Swiss Miss said...

There was a toy store at Christiana Mall. And it was her birthday. Don't remember not helping. Don't remember the building issue. Maybe I was waiting for permits.

ceejus said...

You were probably busy turning off the TV from the loft. From what I could tell, that occupied at least 70% of your day, every day.