Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and i'm gettin' old

Thank you, Wisconsin, for:

-Making cheese so readily available. And then deep frying it.
-Teaching me how to keep my feet warm despite crazy low temperatures (answer: boots + regular crew socks + boot socks...and even with all that, you only get an hour and a half at MOST before you feel frostbite creeping up on you).
-Taking me down memory lane, to a time when Dad would yell CONSTANTLY at the other drivers on 2-land back roads. Turns out he wasn't having a psychotic break; drivers in the Midwest really are that bad.
-The connections I've made here. The people I work with - union employees and the locals - are AMAZING and I can't even begin to express how much I'm going to miss them.
-Srsly. Chz.

Friday's my last day, then I'm going to Chicago to see family (because I've been SO CLOSE for this whole time but have been working 14-hour days every day, and haven't had a chance). Then, finally, and a little bit regretfully, home.


R.A.P. said...

toe warmers! tell me you have toe warmers, and hand warmers. those little packets of magic you stick to your socks/inside your gloves, that inexplicably turn warm when exposed to the air?

ceejus said...

Noooo all the locals I talked to said they don't work! Maybe the specific brands sold here are the problem. They don't get your fancy Nike clothier and what have you. I only have to get through one more outdoor rally, though. Unless I get roped into doing one on Thursday. But still. I think I can make it.