Monday, March 14, 2011

the hunger games

It's weird how people (just in America? Maybe everywhere?) are getting further and further away from making their own food from scratch, but are desperate to pay as little as possible for their food/meals.

If what you consume isn't worth your time (to grow vegetables or let some dough rise) or your money (to pay for the incredible amount of labor it took to get the food from the ground to your mouth), then what IS it worth? If you don't smoke to avoid lung cancer and you don't tan to protect your skin, why would you be thoughtless about the food that sustains you?

This coming from the girl who just returned from a stint in Wisconsin that had her eating custard and butter burgers* at Culver's every other day for 3 weeks. Don't judge me!

Also I get annoyed when I see people who look genuinely interested in small talk. It isn't interesting. Stop contorting your face like it is.

Here's what I'm saying: I really miss Wisconsin. I feel like I've abandoned my post** and like I should go back to help with all the work that's still left to be done. But I'm also really, really, really glad to have access to my kitchen again, and to be home with the person who never tries to make small talk with me. Also, holy CRAP it's spring and we need to get our seedlings started.

*Exactly what it sounds like. Only less delectable than you might think. Also if you ask for condiments, they'll give you WAY TOO MUCH mustard, and it will get all over your hand. Fair warning.
**My best-Wisconsin-organizer-friend's wording, which I've co-opted.


R.A.P. said...

well, welcome home! you've just inspired me to go make bread. or at least, think about maybe making bread soon.

ceejus said...

Orrrrr just come over while I bake bread. I'll have at least 2 kinds going tonight. Also Michelle's homemade caramels are still there and I have little to no self-control where they're involved.

Plays haaalp.