Friday, March 25, 2011

i'm getting older too

It's weird how left out people feel if you do wedding stuff without them. In movies, when someone's sibling gets married, the main character just shows up to the wedding and wears the stupid dress. I know my sisters want to help, but there are 5 of them. And I have my 3 best friends who I know like being involved in this process. And my 6 future siblings-in-law. I have no idea if they have any interest in being involved, actually. Which leaves 9 people* who definitely want to be clued-in to big decisions. Maybe more. But ughhhhhh it's hard keeping people updated all the time! And you don't want to be all, "Heyyyy I'm updating you every 5 seconds because there's nothing in your life more important than my weddinggggg" so where EXACTLY is the line?

*5 sisters, 3 friends, 1 mom.


Sarah said...

Man I dealt with this, too. And I only had 4 to clue in!

I started writing them, all, once a week. Everyone was copied, everyone got the same info. And when I needed advise, an email went out to everyone (even if I'd already sorted it out with my MOH ahead of time ... she was totally in on this). Some responded, some didn't.

But when my sister complained that I wasn't including her I was able to truthfully say "You got just as many emails from me as Skye did. It's not my fault you never responded."

I was also a fan of the "here's the plan, who can be there?" approach. Then, it was on them if they were included or not.

As much drama as our planning was, this kept the "YOU'RE NOT INCLUDING ME!" drama to a minimum. Total win.

ceejus said...

Oooh, I like it! Maybe I'll start doing Leaftine Wedding Newsletters. I just worry about inundating some people, although I know they can choose not to read the emails if they want. One of my BFFs is getting married the week before me and is already overwhelmed with her own wedding ish. I don't want to freak her out with my updates. But I guess that's one of those things I need to let go and chalk up to being beyond my control.

RachEL said...

what the crap. I just tried to respond and it told me someone else was editing at the same time I was! blogger! you weirdo. that doesn't make any sense.

anyway. what I did was start a blog just about wedding planning, just for those friends and family I suspected wanted to be involved, or at least in the loop. But I wasn't sure who all really wanted in on it so I just distributed the link and said "follow if you want!" and occasionally I would throw out questions and requests for help and ideas and whatnot. It basically worked. but I didn't have any other blog at that time, might not make sense since you already have this one!

I think the Leaftine newsletter is a great idea. People can opt-out or ignore if they don't care.

ceejus said...

It was probably me. My b!

I think about half of my immediate family members follow my blog, so I feel like they should KNOW the stuff that I post at least. But it's been indicated to me that this isn't enough for them. And you're right, I don't have the time/energy for a second blog.

Sigh* I really thought I was supposed to be the needy one during wedding planning. What crap! WE TV is a damn liar.