Saturday, March 26, 2011

the lady doth protest too much

My friend Rachel posted recently a few of her Etsy lurves, and I fell head over 9-year-old-heels* in love with the headgear by the seller whichgoose. It's gotten me daydreaming about what-ifs in wedding land. My gown is awesome, but pretty...involved. It's not a simple dress. I almost bought the one in the board below (except in ivory, duh). If I hadn't gotten my (totally amzing) gown, I might've gotten this one...and all of the accessories pictured here, for a woodland-grunge look:

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 Dress by Chabri. Not pictured in white anywhere in the shop. Yet. Some genius bride is going to jump all over this affordable and gorgeous option soon, I just know it. Click on the link and look at the other pictures of it. You will love.
Hair style featured in a Subaru Outback Commercial. I love the simple up-do with bangs.
Clutch purse by lalaland.
Espadrilles by suesuegonzalas.
Vintage "glamour stud" earrings by daisypetaldesigns.
Handmade paper bridal bouquet by FleaMarketChick. It has pieces of sheet music and lace in it! Swoon!
Rose belt by ProjectU. I LOVE the layers and colors in this. So much love.
Guitar string bracelet by TightlyWound.
Oh, is that my ring? YEAH, it is! No big deal or anything. It's only amazing. By Jennifer Yi. Of course.
Flying Home necklace by RhondasTreasures. I don't care how much Portlandia mocks me, I still want to put a bird on it.
Both headpieces by whichgoose.

I also uploaded a picture of this ring by bario-neal but it isn't showing. Their website must have protections against that sort of thing. The Foliage and I are going to their store over Easter weekend to look at bands, though. They have one (not the one I linked to) that I really like and isn't outrageously priced. Who knew rose gold could cost so much? Not this guy!

*When I was a little kid, I very. desperately. wanted to be a medieval princess who ran away and had a heavily pagan-influenced wedding in the woods. so much. Then I was the kid who wet myself in class and had to get LESS WEIRD AND FAST. So I ditched the RennFestLove. But my heart still aches for long velvet gowns and maypoles.

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