Monday, March 28, 2011

love isn't always on time oh oh oh

The Foliage and I could honestly lose entire days in a bookstore. This weekend, we went to TWO malls* and spent at least an hour in a Borders Express in the first one. Just in the business section. And then I forced myself to reshelve all but 2 of the books (1 novel, 1 business theory). And we spent something like $50 in total.

And then we went to the second mall where there was a going-out-of-business Borders, that had mad of them discounts. And we had no time to see if we could be refunded the difference. Hello, first-world annoyance!

The bottom line here is that I really love business and my partner really loves investing. And basically that we are awesome and had a ridiculously productive weekend. Good story, I know. YOU ARE WELCOME.

*Kind of embarrassing. OK, really embarrassing. Seriously, us? Yes. Seriously. I got a rehearsal dinner/honeymoon dress, though. Because I needed a separate, new dress for our rehearsal dinner which isn't for another 5-6 months. Of course. OMG I am such a wasteful person. Ughhhh.

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Sarah said...

I spent 4 hours in used bookstores this weekend ... and probably could have spent weeks at the first (a whole FLOOR of rare books!).

I was really good and forced myself to reshelve several. But still, I spent $50. Rawr.