Friday, March 25, 2011

the nuptials do near

Whooooo wedding update time!! OH, MAN two wedding-related posts in one day?! THAT's right. Hold on, folks. It's about to get all stupid up in here.

Venue: Still St. Anthony in the Hills. Though we still have to send in the contract and payment. WHATEVER our date's available and the contract is in Delaware. It'll be fine. Also, I can't wait for them to open for the summer so we can take some better pictures of it.

Officiant: Bit of a snag. Hopefully to be resolved this week. And if it is, the new arrangement will be even better/more convenient/more positive than our original plan! Huzzah! We already did our PreCana which was soooooo much fun, so all we should have to do now is pick our readings and songs.

Dress: Got it. Need to have it hemmed/officially fitted.

Photographer: Ohhhhh, dip, we are ALL OVER that ish.

Music: DJ Zip ZOMG SO EXCITEMENT!! This is a friend of ours, and he gets people MOVING. I don't think he's ever done a wedding before. Because who wants a wedding DJ? Honestly? When he spins at outdoor festivals, we dance the whole way (walking) there heissoawesome. We're trying to figure out whether we want recorded or live music for the ceremony, though. Updates on that forthcoming.

Catering: You may recall that we have THE COOLEST CATERING EVER. Ahem.

Invitations: I have a plan, and it's awesome. And I explained my plan to my mom, who had her own interpretation. So we're both making invitation prototypes to show each other next weekend, and we'll figure out what works and what doesn't. I love being creative with my family! Surprisingly, there is no letterpress, but [in my version] there ARE gilded edges and screen-printing. I tried to make my version over the weekend, and broke a pair of very good scissors. Now I have the appropriate tools so it is ON. And no, we are not doing Save The Dates. Those things are completely contrived by the wedding industry. Not that you shouldn't send them out if you want them.

Other paper goods: OMG back off I still have 5 months, 1 week and 5 days. Geez.

Rentals: Will probably be a combination of two companies (Diamond State Rentals and Queen Street Linens). And maybe a company that does tents? I am anti-tent but other people involved in planning are very much not. And I don't like the tents that Diamond State has to offer. So we'll see. I wish there were a vintage-item-rental company in the Mid-Atlantic, but they seem only to exist on the West coast. I'm thinking about opening one. I would make so. much. money. AND I would be involved in event design! Herrow, dream come true!!

Rehearsal: My parents are taking the reigns on this one. But we have kiiiind of a large party and the rehearsal's Saturday night, so that's prime restaurant timing. Could be tough. But it's their deal! So I refuse to be stressed about it.

Day-after BBQ: We're going to ask my future father-in-law if he'll be in charge of the food the day after the wedding. He is a great cook (he made a HUGE, incredible, from-scratch feast for Thanksgiving), so hopefully he'll be down for this. Obviously we haven't asked him yet. So, um, hey Marty! Wanna barbecue some stuff on September 5th at my parents' house? Kgreat!

Honeymoon: Ohhhhh the backing and forthing over this has been ridiculous. Well, ridiculous but not surprising. We suck at deciding on travel plans. So at one point we said we'd wing it (after we said we wouldn't take a honeymoon and after we said we'd road trip/camp), but...we can't completely wing it. I need to know what we're doing, and we want to GO somewhere. My parents have graciously offered their timeshare for one week of the two-week honeymoon, so we'll be using that the second week. The first one we're going to play by ear (looking up travel deals as it gets closer). But we're hopefully going to spend the second week either in Nice, France or Venice, Italy. And we're definitely going to Switzerland at some point. Ibiza isn't totally off the table, either. You don't have to tell me you're jealous. I would be, too.

I think that's it for now. I have two friends who have offered to be my day-of coordinators (a favor I'm returning for one), and a colleage of my mother's might help with coordinating the weekend overall. And My Ship is a wedding planner, so she's been really helpful for talking me off wedding ledges with checklists and the like.

Take that, wedding stress.

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RachEL said...

just now reading this! haha. I thought I had read it but then this was all new to me this morning. yay wedding planning!