Saturday, March 19, 2011

take a picture it'll last longer

So, while I was in Wisconsin, our ha-mazing photographer posted selections from our engagement session on her blog. And they make me squiggle with glee. But I wanted to post a few more that didn't make it into her post, that I really loved.

My fiance's pretty fiiiiiiine.

All photos by Kelly Prizel
  We made those valentines postcards the morning of the shoot. In our hotel room. Oh, and the box (featured in Kelly's post) and my hair accessory, too. I had so many plans of forethought-related grandeur. Ha! Yeah, right, Ceej! When am I going to learn that hot-glue guns and last-minute glitter are the crafting implements I'll ever get to use?

The first two valentines say "I [heart] New York and You" and "Love from San Francisco" because that's where each of us was born. The second two reference Wilmington and DC, the two places we've lived together.

When she was shooting the last picture, she kept saying, "I know you're cold, but you seriously look cold...stop looking so cold!" It was hard. I don't think I did a good job. At least I've got my accounting degree, just in case this [paying to] model thing doesn't pan out.

My hair and makeup was done by AnnaMarie Tendler. The Foliage did his own. You're shocked, I can tell.

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RachEL said...

ahhh!! so HAWT. that first picture aaand ok all of them, are just awesome.