Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tres anos beetches

Today The Foliage and I have known each other for 3 years! It's another 2 months until our makeoutaversary and 3 months until our dateaversary* but this is an important date, too. Mostly because I have pictures of it!

Which I'm not going to post today. I guess you'll have to wait until next year for the full story.

But, oh man, I just came across a Facebook message thread that he and I were both on and it's sooooo dorkable. At one point in it he said, "I'll not be getting married soon."

1. Ha! Gotcha.
2. Who talks like that?! People pay this guy to write! SOMEone's had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Anyway. More on the history of Us later. For now I'm gonna bring it down and send a shout-out to my betrothed. One thing I've long considered to be my biggest character flaw is no big deal to him. He makes me feel...better. Which is not an easy thing for me to feel. Basically, the dude rules. And all you fools who are not engaged to him are seeeeeriously missing out. My condolences. But also, you know, keep your distance. Or whatever.

Love you, toe.

*Because that ho (read: future spouse) kept blowing me off and bein' all hot and cold like Katy Perry was singing about him. Pfffffffffjerk

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