Tuesday, March 22, 2011

walkin' on sunshine

When I got back to DC last week, and headed to work during my first ever spring in the district, I noticed a pattern. Well, more accurately, a logo:

 Madre de DIOS these shoes are EVERYWHERE. They are, like, THE flat shoe of the young, female professional in this town. Am I surprised that Tory Burch shoes are popular? Not at all. They're nice shoes. Am I blown away that I'm one of maybe ten women in Washington that haven't jumped on this? Yeah. A little. They're just plain flats! WTF?

Kudos, Tory. You've successfully branded an entire metropolitan area with your thoroughly boring product. Well done.


Sarah said...

Um, no. Big blingy gold? Not my style, thanks.

We account for 2 of the 10 ... who else!

Jenn said...

I don't have them either.

saving up for some loubs, thanks. If I'm spending on designer shoes, I'll be buying some fierce heels.

ceejus said...

In.Deed. CL is at least an artist...his work is varied and interesting. And I don't MIND big blingy gold add-ons, I just don't think they're worth the $150+ price tag. FOR BORING FLATS.

High fivez for shoe reason! I have smart friends.

RachEL said...

I've never heard of this designer and never seen these shoes! haha. I definitely live under a rock when it comes to fashion. I would never pay that much for flats no way. at least put a kitten heel on it..

Yossarian said...

I've seen these on every woman with a disposable income in Chicago too. My bitch-ass old roommate even had them. Apparently the gold thing really hurts your toes where it attaches to the shoe.

ceejus said...

GOOD. That makes me happy. Also I've seen knockoff shoe clips and can't decide whether getting them would be hugely hypocritical or a fashion-finger to those who paid full price. Thoughts?