Tuesday, April 5, 2011

joey's favorite food

We're going to Mexico in 30 days. Thirty. Days. That's how long I have until I'll be wearing a BATHING SUIT in the SUN. My winterized, Wisconsinized body. Remember how I totally started Weight Watchers that one time? Well. Yeah. That got Wisconsined* too.

It's not like I can really do much about the pallor portion of my concern, but by GAWD I will be confident about my body at that friggin' resort.

So The Foliage and I are starting the Insanity workout plan tonight. I'd done the fitness test before, but it was really hard and scared me away, and that was several months ago. I warned him that it was awful, but he didn't really heed my warning. Big mistake.

Anyway. We can do this for 30 days, right? I think we can keep up a regime that long. I refuse to waste a beach vacation feeling self-conscious about the visible remainders of fried-stuff-with-cheese.

*"Wisconsin" will now be a verb referring to the destruction of my physique. But it also can mean the growth of my love for human beings. It's a complicated place. Also I'm still doing WW, but I'm a lot less consistent than I was when I started. 

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rachel said...

mexicooooo! jealous!

that workout looks scary. don't die!