Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the luckiest

At one point over the weekend, The Foliage mentioned some girl he'd gone to school with, and how it was a shame that he hadn't noticed how pretty she was in high school. I asked what he meant* and he said, "Oh, you know...she had the dark hair and the super fair skin...she just never played it up."

The dark hair and fair skin. Like those are automatically really sought-after features. People are allllllways talking about their ideal woman being pale like Casper and having brown hair. All the time. Right. I mean, did you see "Baywatch"?

I guess we both kinda struck gold.

*You totally thought this was going to be about me having a jealous fit, right? Puh-leeze. See blog title (above).


Sarah said...

Psssh. I have dark hair and super pale skin ... and I'm constantly told I look ill.

Yaaaaaay today's beauty standards! ::shakes head::

ceejus said...

I guess you should've married a Leaf. You are MISSING OUT, I'm tellin' you.