Friday, April 15, 2011

mexico? no manches!

Two weeks into Insanity and my legs are the thinnest they've been since I hit puberty. And I'm taking the periods of consistently running 12 miles per week into account. Alright, Shaun T. You win this round.

Bring it, Mexico!


rachEL said...

wow 2 weeks have gone by really fast. that's impressive that you've stuck to it and you're seeing progress! my spirit is inspired but my body says hell-no-don't-even-think-about-trying-that.

BUT having never had thin legs even pre-puberty.. I am tempted.

Sarah said...

Gawd, I'm so impressed with you. I would have given up. Then again, I need big motivation and encouragement to keep workouts going.

Woot Mexico!

Leah said...

CRAP! Now I have to try it.

ceejus said...

Thanks, guys! I think having The Foliage also doing the workouts has been CRUCIAL. Even this morning, I thanked him for making me get out of bed, because I totally would've slept. And he thanked me for pushing him because he was really tired and wanted to quit during the workout. If either of us had been doing this alone, we would've quit after Day 1.

Also my legs will never be reed-like; I'm built curvy so there's only so thin they can get. But I definitely want to get to wherever that is.