Friday, April 1, 2011

no i can't. i can't lift anything up at all.

Man, I LOVE this video. I've watched it so. many. times. but I still can't get enough. And I've started doing the lint-dragging-struggling voice to The Foliage at least once a day. For the past 2 weeks. I don't know why...but I loves.

"My" part comes at 3:00, but I strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing. Like 5 gazillion times.


rachEL said...

aaaaahhahahhaha LOVE marcel. I went through the same obsession when I first saw it also. "sometimes people say that my head is too big for my body. and then I say Compared to WHAT?" baaahahahah <3 <3

ceejus said...

I first saw it a WHILE ago, though. I'm impressed with its staying power in my things-that-make-me-happy list. And also talking/whimpering like Marcel at The Foliage is THE BEST.