Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no YOU'RE a firework

Insanity was hard. Really hard. Maybe-we-should-just-join-a-gym hard. But we've promised each other to do Day 2, so we'll see how that goes. Last night, Day 1, was the cardio circuit, which sounds to me like the hardest workout category. So maybe tonight will be easier. Knock. On. Wood.


RachEL said...

Insanity sounds intense.

but what I really came here to do is bug you about yoga. you have not responded to the chatter on the apw-dc stroga thread. you still going to that Friday class you mentioned? Michelle, maybe Laura and I are interested. which class do you do, power yoga or group training?

ceejus said...

I AM still planning to go Friday. To Power Yoga. Group Training is a strength training thing. Sorry, I hadn't seen the APW thread yet. And by that I mean I'm sorry you're so e-needy.

But I hope you come to yoga. Activities outside of the Intertoobz are so funnnn.

RachEL said...

ok you're forgiven! I will be at power yoga. if I can figure out the stroga sign-up thing.

rachEL said...

ps jay kay! I won't be at the power yoga. see facebook convo. or: I'm a dumb-dumb.