Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rebel rebel

Things you should have in your car at all times:
-Registration (up to date)
-Jumper cables

Things The Foliage has in his car at all times:
-Registration (expired)
-A basketball
-A football
-A minimum of 3 frisbees (usually more)
-One pair of football cleets (I moved these to the coat closet this weekend, and today he found out and was UP. SET.)
-Unpaid traffic tickets
-CDs he doesn't want or that don't work anymore
-A box of stuff neither of us has really explored in the past 3 was in the trunk of his old car, and when it broke and we had to push it to the donation pick-up area, we moved the whole thing to his new car's trunk. Where it has stayed, undisturbed, for over 2 years.
-The box for the Progressive good-driver-tracker thing, which does NOT improve his rates because he drives like he hates humanity.
-Crusty Wawa Mac and Beef remains. That's a long story. That one's not his fault.
-A wooden chess set

Nothing that would be helpful in an emergency (unless the emergency was: Quick! Someone needs to play a 1-on-1 game CODE RED!). Nothing that's useful, really, ever.

I'm really excited to let this guy drive my future offspring around someday.

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