Thursday, April 21, 2011

spell it out

I used to love monograms. Then I started dating The Foliage. Whose last initial is "P" which is not a problem. But I, difficult being that I am, decided a long time ago that when I got married, my husband would change his name, too. To a hyphenated name or a completely new name or whatever we mutually decided. I just thought it was total crap that I had to go through the hassle by myself. Get married, become a team, and then BAM you're on your own with forms, sucka!

So we decided to take both of his parents' last names. Some of his siblings have both names, one has their mom's last name as his middle name, and The Foliage just got their dad's last name. It's all very confusing, and he attributes it to the fact that his parents "weren't too good with paperwork." When they brought him home from the hospital, he didn't even have a FIRST name. I don't even know how that happens. He only learned this in the last few years when he tried to get a copy of his original birth certificate, and it was pretty much blank. Ha! So weird.

I love the combination of his parents' last names, and I'm really excited about taking them as my new surname. Two words, no dash. Still a pain like my family name, but pronounceable, which is a change for me. BUT. The initials. They're "T.P." So. No monogrammed stuff for us. He says his mom used to draw little teepees at the ends of their names, but I don't care. No amount of artwork is going to convince me that TP is not toilet paper. None.

Am I being completely ridiculous? And, oh man, I just realized I won't be "Ceej" anymore! Oh noes! I'll be CeeTP...or something. I could take out the "T" and be Ceep...Seep...Seepage...? Ugh. I'll have to think about this one. Suggestions welcome.


RachEL said...

so do you have a middle name? are you dropping it or leaving it? I'm sure I've asked you this before but I'm daft. Just thinking you could move your last name to the middle, and you'd still be Ceej. That would be quite a name! but you could do it. unless you told me you're really attached to your middle name and I'm a bad friend and forgot.

ceejus said...

Legally, I don't have a middle name. My parents were too stressed picking first names for us to consider seconds. I have a confirmation name, "Cecilia," that I might legally make my middle name. I'll probably decide WHILE I'm in line, waiting to process the necessary paperwork.