Tuesday, April 19, 2011

with the thoughts i'd be thinkin' i could be another lincoln

I know that in right-triangles the hypoteneuse is always the longest side...but is the sum of the lengths of the other 2 sides always longer than the hypoteneuse? I feel like that's true.

And THAT is the sort of sh*t that I think about on my walk to the metro each morning. It's like I'm almost smart because apparently I ponder geometry on my downtime, but I still lose because I don't know the answers to my questions, and I never look them up, I just keep wondering. Thanks, brain. You're a doll. And by "doll" I mean "97% useless."


The Foliage said...
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The Foliage said...

Yes, otherwise the line segments wouldn't be long enough to connect to each other.

I'm sure there are specific geometry rules that5 explain it more precisely, but I forget 10th grade.

ceejus said...

I love you.