Wednesday, May 25, 2011

baby i was born this way

The Foliage is really good at Scrabble games. Like REALLY ridiculously good. You know what I'm not good at? Losing. When we first got the Words With Friends iPhone app, we played several times, I won twice. But never again. I've only heard of him losing one time since then, and he plays pretty much constantly. I had to stop, because it made me want to strangle him, and I've heard homicide isn't the best way to end a relationship.

But I missed playing. I knew I shouldn't take the games personally, and I needed practice winning, so I took on some randomly selected opponents. They all quit 2 or 3 moves into the game. Which gave me a false sense of confidence. So I challenged The Foliage again.

And now he's kicking my words-with-friends-playing ass, and I'm at work plotting how I can "accidentally" punch him in the groin when we get home. Any ideas? They'd be appreciated.

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Leah said...

play me instead. leahmpeck