Wednesday, May 11, 2011

but we lost ourselves

When we first got to Mexico, and I smelled the ocean and saw this

Taken by The Foliage from the balcony of the condo where we stayed our first night in Mexico. The resort was even better. Hopefully some post-worthy pictures of that will surface soon...

All I could think was, "The ocean doesn't know what day it is." Over and over. It was weird. And it kept coming back all weekend. The recurring thought that what we do doesn't matter, except to us. Even the heights of human triumph...are ultimately nothing. Because the sea doesn't give a f*ck about it.

Not to say that I'm giving up on life or effort or whatever, because mattering in the now is something that matters to me. I just like feeling small and insignificant sometimes.

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UseYourWords said...

The video is stupid but the song, "The Ocean" by Dar Williams, is awesome & apropos.