Wednesday, May 4, 2011

don't feed the animals

So I mentioned that we've been watching the Harry Potter movies this week. The Foliage downloaded them (and then got an email from Verizon that Warner Bros. TOTALLY NOTICED*, but that's not the point). Normally when he downloads large files like these, he stores them on his external hard drive.

Yesterday, we were discussing our plans for the next two nights, to make sure we've got our bags packed and have time to work out before heading to the airport tomorrow. Tonight WOULD be our last HP movie, but that might get us in bed too late for tomorrow morning's plans. So I said he should make sure the movies are on his computer so we could watch the last one in the airport. To which he responded,

"...they're on my computer"

Exactly like that. I nearly got on the metro so I could ride to his office and punch him in the face. Ugh. Seriously...for, like, ever?

*They're not doing anything about it; more of a heads up sort of situation.

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