Thursday, May 19, 2011

the heat is on

Welcome back to the The Foliage and The Ceejus' Honeymoon Saga!

Hopefully this is the final stretch. Please, universe and Great Omnipotence...please let us be almost done planning this.

To review:
  • Our honeymoon will be for 2 weeks. We'll leave late on Monday, September 5th and return the weekend of September 17th. Probably Sunday afternoon.
  • First we thought we'd stay home and do nothing.
  • Then we thought we'd road trip.
  • Then, Ibiza.
  • Then my parents offered us their timeshare for one of the weeks, and a family friend of The Foliage's offered to pay for airfare as a wedding gift.
  • So we're going to Europe!
  • The second week is being spent in my parents' timeshare exchange. THEIR timeshare is in Atlantic City, so we've been wait-listed for our choice locations for "our" week.
  • Our choice locations were Nice, France and Venice, Italy.
  • We had a travel agent plan our first week, based on ending in Nice or Venice.
  • She created an itinerary starting in London, then going to Paris, then Zermatt, Switzerland, followed by a train to our second week location.
  • Yesterday, the timeshare management company called to say they can't find anything in Nice or Venice, but offered one on Tenerife in the Canary Islands.
  • On first glance, awesome. On second glance (and after reading reviews), meh.
  • The Foliage called back, and they had 2 Austrian properties available, and 1 on Gran Canaria in the Canaries.
  • F*ck yeah Canary Islands!
So that's our week 2 plan: Gran Canaria.

But now we need to figure out what to do for week 1. Because we're not going from Zermatt to the Canary Islands mid-trip. That's, like, an entire day of traveling. No.

Our current first week options are:
  • Barcelona (maybe also Cadiz, if we want to split it up a little)
  • Portugal
  • Morocco
We want somewhere we can explore, somewhere we're unlikely to visit with children (because we're romanticizing our future family life, and totally think we can travel to Europe with children), somewhere with amazing food.

Any opinions? Thoughts? I'm leaning toward Barcelona, but that might be because of this rental option which I want to put in my mouth. Le sigh.


rachel said...

morocco!!! not a place I would take small children (at least on my first visit.. maybe it's supar kid friendly, you'll have to find out for me). but I have always wanted to go there. I need you to go since my outlook for getting there within the next 10 years is pretty dim.

Aileen said...

Barcelona is my favorite city in Europe. For reals! It is seedy, beautiful and awesome! I love Gaudi, so sagrada familia and parc guell were ah-maz-ing. There is a beach (on top of an old waste dump so...ehhhh), a totally kitschy tourist street (La Ramblas), great open air markets, tapas, paella, a really awesome Picasso museum if you are into that type of thing...Basically I love Spain in general but Barcelona is THE BEST. Oh, and WINE! mmmm. Great wine. I know there are some great day trips from Barcelona too, we were only there 4 days so we didn't do any. The food...I crave the food on a regular basis. I would go back there mmm.tomorrow. Ps: Hi! I read your blog on occasion and you crack me up! good luck with the end of wedding planning! :)

Aileen said...

also, if you go that route, we used waytostay and rented a flat...much more awesome then a hotel. We were right on top of a square, and you could smell the bakery and see the ocean. no words. That is the end of my work avoiding blog stalking :)

Sarah said...

Oh my GAWD, I want to live in that rental. For reals. Bring it back for me, yah?

Pete from UMBC said...

Barcelona (maybe also Cadiz, if we want to split it up a little)

- Really cool city on the coast near Sevilla. Arab influences on the architecture. It's a very "ouside" city, people always on the street, tapas bar hopping, great atmosphere.


- I lived in Portugal for a year. Portugal can be very alive, culturally, street concerts and festivals. In September, people will be just back from their summer break in August. I lived in the north: Porto, a very picturesque city along the D'ouro river. Port wine. Some good food, too.


- Really diverse country with many interesting places to go. Fez - a city unlike any other, a labyrinth. Marrakech is a city with a phenominal central market - and you and The Foliage could get Hammam massages - VERY relaxing.

if I can help out with more advice, you know where to reach me. If I was to pick one for a honeymoon ... I'd say Cadiz is a safe and fun option. But Morocco would really be interesting ... it will be the summer and would be hot. But could be very romantic and lead to some very nice memories. Not sure about flights from Morocco to the Canaries, but I'm sure they exist.


ceejus said...

I am so excited that you read my blog, Aileen! Thinking about you makes me want to write a post about Amy Grant album covers. Also, thanks for the feedback. I've heard sooooo many great things about Barcelona, which is why it's a front-runner. But it also moves it down on the list because I feel like so many people I know have been there. And I'm the kind of pain in the ass who wants to go where other people don't go (I want to know a place where no cars go, if you will). OBViously the blog will keep you posted.

Peter. Seriously, you're the only Peter I know. You don't need to tell me how I know you. Which I realize would've been presumptuous on your part. But for future reference, even if I someday meet another Peter, you'll be the real Peter.

That said, thank you so much for the advice! It's so awesome to know someone who's been to all 3 places. Though it sounds like you've just said "meh" to Portugal, "safe" to Barcelona and "potentially bad. ass." to Morocco. Is this accurate? Where in Morocco would you go? I've heard the western region has some turmoil going on these days, but I felt like being on the water (maybe Casablanca or Agadir) would help offset the exxxtreme heat. Thoughts?